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A Day in the Life of Molly Hatch

October 12, 2012Tags: molly hatch, anthropologie


Q&A: Ceramicist Molly Hatch

by Anthropologie on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 3:07pm

A: Let’s go back to the very beginning—how did you become a ceramicist?

MH: I started working with clay as a freshman in college. I took a summer course in wheel throwing and fell in love. I became more serious about it later in my undergraduate career when I learned how to put my drawings onto the surfaces of my pottery. Being able to make a pot into a drawing was what engaged me then and it continues to do so today.


A: What do you love most about your home studio?

MH: I really like that mine is long and somewhat narrow compared to spaces I’ve had in the past. It makes movement much more efficient. There is not one inch of space in there that isn’t being put to use.


A: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

MH: I look to art history as a major source—everything from ceramics to textiles to prints, usually from 18th century Europe. I’m always trying to find creative ways to make the old into something new, so whenever I’m away from home with a moment to spare, I find myself in a bookstore or museum soaking up inspiration.


A: How would you describe yourself and your style?

MH: I’m an extrovert, which makes for a big personality! I’m tall, but love wearing heels because they often put me close to six feet. Also, I’m a Gemini, so the twin nature that comes with that often has me secretly exploring an alter ego. As for style, I’m really happy that sailor stripes are back. Somehow, wearing striped shirts makes me feel more like an artist—funky and fun. Maybe I have Picasso to thank for that?


A: Your beautiful floral tattoo caught our eye, so we must ask—is there a story behind it?

MH: It’s a half-sleeve that I got about a year ago. It was the first tattoo after my daughter was born, which feels significant. I designed it after a Victorian engraving of a basket with flowers. I have several other tattoos here and there, and most represent the start of new chapters in my life—graduating from college, traveling through Europe for half a year, going to graduate school…


A: What is your favorite part of each day?

MH: There are two! The first is definitely the moment my daughter comes to wake me up, often pulling me from bed or climbing in with me for a snuggle. The second is the start of my studio day—sitting at my worktable, latte in hand, with a clear list of things to do. That is SO satisfying.


A: What are the day-to-day goals you hope to accomplish?

MH: My days vary from working in my studio to teaching workshops to setting up exhibitions, but my overall goals are to live healthy, make good work and enjoy myself and my family. I feel extremely lucky to be making a living off what I love. Really, that is all anyone can ask for, right?


To see more of Molly’s work, visit http://anthrpl.ge/xcMJZs