Crescere, 2017

Composed of 37 earthenware hand-painted plates, the glazed surface of Crescere becomes a fragmented canvas for Hatch’s delicate, painterly re-rendering based on an early thirteenth-century Islamic plate from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Innovations in early Islamic luxury ceramics from this time include minai ware, which introduced polychrome enamel designs and gilding onto previously glazed and fired pottery. Installed in a geometric honeycomb pattern, each round surface serves as a canvas for the artist’s brush strokes; together, the plates reveal the intricate abstract floral motif of their source material.

Hatch’s work has been widely collected and commissioned and exhibited at art fairs nationally and internationally. In 2013, Hatch had a solo museum exhibition at the Philadelphia Art Alliance and was included in New Blue and White, a contemporary decorative arts exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 2014, Physic Garden, a monumental 456-plate work, was installed at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, as well as Caughley Landscape, another installation commissioned by the museum and the Woodruff Arts Center. Chronicle Books published Hatch’s first illustrated book of paintings in March of 2015. Hatch is currently working on a multiple installation commission for the Newark Museum.

As Hatch works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Dimensions: 84″ H x 65″ W x 1.5″ D