Paragon-FOG Fair 2016

Paragon is Molly Hatch’s newest plate painting made sourcing Chinese ornament patterns from Own Jones' archives. Paragon extends Hatch's series of work wherein the artist explores the relationship between the historic and the contemporary through the deconstruction of traditional pattern.
 In her most abstract work yet, Hatch re-contextualizes the historic 19th century floral surface pattern through painterly brush strokes over 63 porcelain plates. Hand-painted with glaze, underglaze, and 11K gold luster, each round surface becomes a new canvas,  revealing Hatch's unique approach to painting through abstracted lines, bold forms, and captivating plays between positive and negative space.  Together, the plates form a unique wall installation, reawakening interest in the historic through 21st century technique and a glamorous, fresh aesthetic.