Verse: Salon Art Fair November 2016

Using the ceramic surface as both her canvas and subject matter, Molly Hatch extends her historically-inspired contemporary repertoire with Verse, a hand-painted wall installation. Highlighting the visual brilliance of an 18th century Chinese textile, Verse is a gilded deconstruction of historic pattern. Like the export porcelains of the same era, fabric and Chinese motifs were coveted and celebrated. In Verse the opulence of the 18th century is represented in gold overtaking and marbling the original fabric pattern creating a new experience of the familiar.

Comprised of 54 earthenware hand-painted plates, the glazed surface becomes a fragmented canvas for Hatch’s delicate, painterly re-rendering of a blue and white lidded vase, sourced from an 18th century French watercolor from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Surrounded by a shimmering 11 karat gold luster background, Verse simultaneously deconstructs the past through a shimmering, painterly expression of the present.